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Currently a Digital Production Assistant on Uncle Grandpa at Cartoon Network. Open to freelancing background designs, character/prop designs, and cleanup.

Here’s a plushie I have been working over winter vacation for Kent Osborne of his original comic character CAT AGENT! :D He is a bit loppy and I had to have some help from my mom for the stuffing part to get a decent shape. It’s very weird drawing something on fabric and making it become 3 dimensional in the end lol. There are multiple ways to attack a plushie like this and I decided to try sewing with just two halves and one entire seam all around. I should experiment with more ways next time. 

Unfortunately, I didn’t add a tail xD Silly me!

Check out Kent Osborne’s Cat Agent comics (which will soon be a series!) and his personal Babycat comics if you haven’t seen them already!

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